"Finding life. . . beyond food and fear"
is the heart of my therapeutic philosophy.


Most of my clients live in fear around how much food they eat or do not eat.  Their relationship with food has evolved into one of pain and hiding versus pleasure and health.  I use a Gestalt approach which gives voice to a person’s conflicting two parts:  the part wanting to hold onto the eating disorder and its benefits, and the part wanting to let go for permanent growth and healing.    Clients ultimately can reach a place where they discover choice, freedom and inner peace.

Today eating disorder treatment costs have risen dramatically, making competent therapy inaccessible to many.  Working with people with eating disorders is my passion, therefore my rates reflect my desire to keep quality treatment affordable. 

Julie Bonnell is a licensed psychotherapist and a licensed addictions counselor, specializing in the treatment of eating disorders and body image issues.

       Julie K. Bonnell, MA, LPC, LAC
                     15 years experience
5362 West 83rd Avenue, Arvada, Colorado 80003

Initial consultation is free:  (303) 430-6914

Full session fee is $90.00/hour – sliding scale fees available.